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Eazybold, crafted by the renowned Khurasan, is a display font that packs a playful punch with its cartoon-style aesthetic. With its bold weight and semi-expanded width, Eazybold exudes confidence and friendliness, making it an excellent choice for projects that aim to grab attention while maintaining a sense of fun and approachability.

The chunky letterforms of Eazybold are designed to stand out; their solid structure offers superb readability even from a distance. This makes the font particularly suitable for headlines, posters, children's books, or any creative work where clarity and character are key. The playful vibe of Eazybold lends itself to informal branding initiatives or advertising campaigns seeking to convey warmth and whimsy.

Whether you're designing for print or digital media, Eazybold is versatile enough to infuse your project with an engaging personality that resonates with audiences across various platforms. Embrace the spirited charm of Eazybold in your next creative endeavor!

This font is free 100%
for personal use and commercial use

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Copyright (c) 2024 by Khurasan. All rights reserved.
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Khurasan : Eazybold : 2024
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Version 1.000
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Eazybold is a trademark of Khurasan.
Copyright (c) 2024 by Khurasan. All rights reserved.

Información completa de la fuente

Información completa de la fuente

UnicodeUnicode 2.0 y la semántica en adelante, unicode BMP sólo
MicrosoftSólo unicode BMP

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Conteo de Glifos118
Unidades por Em1000
Derechos de incrustaciónIncrustación para la instalación permanente
Clase de familiaSin clasificación
Estilo MacNegrita
DirecciónSólo glifos muy de izquierda a derecha + contiene los neutrales
Naturaleza del patrónOrdinario
PitchNo monoespaciado