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Nota del autor

Ballistic Script, a captivating calligraphic font designed by Riza Haitami, exudes a sense of effortless elegance and refined sophistication.

Its dynamic strokes and flowing curves seamlessly blend the traditional with the modern, creating a visually striking and alluring aesthetic. The calligraphic nature of Ballistic Script lends an air of artistry and craftsmanship, making it an ideal choice for diverse design applications, from high-end branding and editorial layouts to eye-catching event invitations and stunning typography-driven designs.

With its strong, definitive character and versatile appeal, this font has the power to elevate any project, infusing it with a touch of timeless sophistication and undeniable charm.

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Thank you for your interest in this demo font. Please note that this font is for personal use only. Any donations, however, are greatly appreciated.

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Aviso de derechos de autor
Copyright (c) 2020 by Black Studio. All rights reserved.
Familia de fuentes
Ballistic Script
Subfamilia de fuentes
Identificación de subfamilia única
Version 1.000;PYRS;BallisticScript;2020;FL801
Nombre completo de fuente
Ballistic Script
Versión de la tabla de nombres
Version 1.000
Nombre de fuente PostScript
Aviso de marca
Ballistic Script is a trademark of Black Studio.
Black Studio
Copyright (c) 2020 by Black Studio. All rights reserved.

Información completa de la fuente

Información completa de la fuente

UnicodeUnicode 2.0 y la semántica en adelante, unicode BMP sólo
MicrosoftSólo unicode BMP

Detalles de fuente

Conteo de Glifos185
Unidades por Em1000
Derechos de incrustaciónIncrustación para previsualización e impresión permitida
Clase de familiaManuscritos
AnchoMediana (normal)
Estilo MacNegrita
DirecciónSólo glifos muy de izquierda a derecha + contiene los neutrales
Naturaleza del patrónCursiva
PitchNo monoespaciado